Episode 11: Jade Saab (part 2 of 2) Canada, Class Consciousness, Liberalism & Communism

In the second half of our conversation Jade and I talk about the politics around being a "passport baby" in Canada, and the framing of immigration and citizenship in Canadian politics. Then we dive into political philosophy, discussing classical liberalism, various forms of communism, class consciousness, and fascism, and some of the common distortions and misperceptions around these concepts. And Jade provides a reading list. Be sure to check out his TEDx talk.

And be sure to follow my interview on the Squat the Planet Podcast (below). If you miss the livestream on October 21st, at 12pm Pacific Time / 9pm Central European Time, you can still catch it later on Youtube.

Jade’s recommended reading (most of these should be available for free, or very cheap, online). You can also read his reviews of each of these books here.

”The Conquest of Bread” by Peter Kropotkin

“The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

“State and Revolution” by Vladimir Ilich Lenin

“Reform or Revolution” by Rosa Luxemburg

“The Dictatorship of the Proletariat” by Karl Kautsky

“On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill

“The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine

“Discourse on the Origin of Inequality” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Eric’s recent appearance on the Squat the Planet podcast, talking about travels in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Europe (and busting some of the myths and media hype), establishing a nonprofit in Amsterdam, ethical travel, and travel with a purpose.