Baalbek, Lebanon

Baalbek, Lebanon


Eric Maddox

Eric completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Classic Literature and his graduate degree in International Conflict Transformation. He moved to the West Bank to conduct his field research, collecting oral histories from Palestinians and Israelis from the 1948 War.

Back in the US, Eric spent two years traveling through the US-Mexico borderlands, conducting interviews, writing, and producing media projects on both sides of the border and in the deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico.

In 2011, Eric started a cross-border dialogue and collaborative filmmaking initiative, The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, with a connection between residents of New Mexico and cd. Juárez, Mexico.

In 2012, Eric returned to the Middle East to implement The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, with nearly 80 encounters connecting small groups in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Gaza, Syria, and eventually India and the Balkans, to communities around the world.

In 2015 Eric founded the Amsterdam-based nonprofit, Open Roads Media. He currently resides in Spain where he continues to produce projects with Open Roads Media as he hosts Latitude Adjustment podcast.


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